First Time I Been Rejected

hahaha... sorry guys.. i lost my cool yesterday.. but now i'm cool.. i already back to my old world back.. sorry.. sebenarnye semalam tue first time aku direject oleh orang yang aku suke.. dan semalam jugak first time aku menangis kerana cinta.. hahaha.. what ashamed this guys... not cool man.. hahaha..

i never thing that i could been reject by someone.. i just thinking that she will open her love with me.. but i was wrong.. she not like that.. hahahaha.. tapi tak pe laaa.. itu kan cerite semalam.. aku malas nak fikir lagi.. be mature beb.. a past is a past.. we just move on.. and be a new one.. menipu laaa kalau aku cakap aku masih tak sakit hati kan.. tapi aku will release my feel to my doa and then i will refill it with new life.. hahahaha..

but i have one question.. can i be her friend?? i know be friend with someone we like it was like we eat some chili to our mouth.. pedas beb.. tapi friend je kan.. nothing more.. tapi aku rase kan she does't want be my friend.. u know what? she knew that about i like her because i wrote in my blog and she feel sorry to me because make me broken heart.. hahaha.. but past is past.. we can go on right.. hehehe..

okey laaa.. aku decide that we make like old times.. don't text anymore for a few month.. and with that we can be comfortable just like old times.. hehehe.. okey.. i want tell her just what i plan.. hehehe.. but to my readers, please teach me to be a new man.. please.. onegaishimasu...


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